Every company has potential, but only a few fully realize it.

At Olympus we have a simple but differentiated decision making process, grounded in this simple philosophy: Our Investment Committee meets everyday.

Critical issues are identified, discussed, ranked and investigated early and often. This forward-thinking process accelerates the discussion of deal points, resulting in: efficient use of resources, inclusive decision making, a broad range of perspectives, and most importantly, all Olympus Partners professionals "owning" every deal.

The result: Olympus Partners operates as One Firm.

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Darwin would be proud.
The evolution of the Olympus Partners funds.

Fund Evolution

Over time, circumstances change and we adapt, however our investment philosophy remains constant.

For decades our strategy has stood the test of time. Since Olympus’ efforts began in 1988 with its first capital raise of $101 million, we’ve adapted and grown to $8.5 billion in committed capital.

It’s our deep experience - an average of 27 years experience among 8 general partners - and proven track record across more than 95+ direct investments and over 130 add-on completed by portfolio companies since 1988.

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