What Management Teams Need To Know About Choosing A Private Equity Partner.

Are they going to let us run the company?

“Prior to selling our company to Olympus, management owned 100% of the company.  When we decided to sell, I was very worried about how much the Olympus team would meddle in our day to day operations and how much they would trust us to run the business. Those fears were laid to rest almost immediately. They are certainly very engaged and up to speed on the business but they leave us to handle the day to day operations. We communicate weekly to go over any hot points and they are always on hand to offer any advice when needed. We have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect which has made the job of operating this company an absolute joy.”

-Sam Fiori, CEO of KMAC Enterprises

What happens when there’s a bump in the road?

“Although our business is much less cyclical than most building products companies, we do have some exposure to new housing starts.  As our business has softened in the midst of one of the worst housing downturns on record, Olympus hasn’t panicked or made any short-term, short-sighted decisions.  More than supportive, Olympus has encouraged us to reinvest capital in several greenfield initiatives and is working with us to evaluate potential acquisitions.  Olympus is still very much in sync with me and my management team in focusing on building the company for the long-term.” 

-John Fitzpatrick, CEO of Woodcraft Industries

What’s in it for us?

“When Olympus bought PSI, they established equity participation programs so that my management team and I would share in the equity value creation of the business.  As a result, I feel that the interests of Olympus and management are very well aligned which has helped to foster a great working relationship.  It is important to our business to spread the equity participation fairly broadly among my team, and Olympus was understanding and supportive of this decision.  I’m happy that the hard work of all my key people who are driving the business forward is being well rewarded.”    

-Murray Savage, CEO of Professional Service Industries (PSI)

Will they help make our company better?

“When I decided to partner with Olympus, I wanted a private equity firm who was going to help me build the business.  Olympus has greatly exceeded my expectations.  They helped me to recruit a VP of Finance and Head of Development to support the company’s continued growth.  Drawing on their extensive experience with other restaurant deals, they also helped us to improve our strategies and processes for new site development, localized pricing, and purchasing.  I couldn’t be happier with the attention and value added input I’m getting from Olympus.”

-John McGlone, CEO of Pepper Dining  

Are they looking for a quick flip?

“Olympus has owned Shemin for nine years now.  During that time, we have completed four acquisitions and Olympus is still evaluating new acquisitions with us and looking at other ways to grow the business.  They truly have a long-term approach to investing.”

-Steffan Burns, CEO of Shemin Nurseries

Will we enjoy working with them?

“Working with the guys at Olympus was great.  We had a wonderful relationship built on openness and respect.  The guys at Olympus were very personable which enabled us to connect with them on a personal level, talking about sports or sharing stories about our families.  Even though we’re not an Olympus portfolio company anymore, I still stay in touch and consider them close personal friends.”

-Rick Turner, CEO of Meridian Rail Services

Do they do what they say?

“I have worked with Olympus for over seven years as CEO of two of their portfolio companies, and I would be delighted to find another opportunity in the future on which we could cooperate.  I trust them and feel they are true partners in aiming for success.  I have found that all of the staff at Olympus keep their word and follow through - whether related to compensation matters, making introductions or pursuing business development opportunities to help the business grow, helping put together a deal book, reviewing legal documents or negotiating a sale.”

-Peter Jones, CEO of Prime Advantage Corporation

Do they understand my business?

"Olympus had the same three Partners dedicated to our company the entire time we worked together. They devoted significant time to gain a very detailed understanding of our business.  As a result, Olympus was able to work closely with me and our senior management team through a down cycle in our industry, and we made some key Board decisions during that time to position us for future growth. Olympus also had excellent industry knowledge and contacts, which opened many doors for us.  My working relationship with their team was a true partnership and we worked closely together in making strategic decisions and driving shareholder value."

-Larry Kraska, CEO of Club Staffing

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