There are three primary investment criteria that define our focus:

Strong management team

At Olympus, we believe the single most important determinant of an investment's success is the strength of the management team, and we look to provide talented, experienced individuals with the resources and assistance necessary to unlock a company's true potential. Aligned incentives through management equity, a spirit of mutual trust, and open communication serve as the cornerstone of a successful working relationship with our management teams.


Whether generated through favorable market trends, internal initiatives, or acquisitions, growth is a primary objective for all Olympus investments and can come from introducing new products, expanding into new geographical regions, enhancing the direct sales effort, accessing new sales channels, or acquiring complementary products or businesses.

Dominant Market Position

Olympus invests in market leaders. Rather than investing in companies focused on capturing a small piece of a large market, we look for enterprises that have established a dominant position in a defensible niche because we believe that such companies will enjoy greater long term value creation and generate superior investment returns.

  • Beyond the Investment Horizon

    Working with the guys at Olympus was great. We had a wonderful relationship built on openness and respect. They were very personable, which enabled us to connect on a personal level, talking about sports or sharing stories about our respective families. Even though we're not an Olympus portfolio company anymore, I still stay in touch and consider them close personal friends.

    Rick Turner

    Meridian Rail Services

Sector Focus

We may specialize in several industries, but we look everywhere.

Since we opened our doors, Olympus Partners has invested across a wide array of industries. And while we will continue to look for investment opportunities in any company with a strong management team, excellent growth potential, and defensible niches, we have developed a thorough expertise in several sectors of the marketplace. Simply put, we like to think of ourselves as generalists with deep experience in several key industries.

  • Business Services
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Healthcare Manufacturing and Services
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer and Restaurant
  • Industrial and Packaging

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We Structure Transactions to Optimize Performance and Cultivate Growth

Capital Structure

While debt can certainly help improve ROI, at Olympus, we ensure returns are primarily driven by the growth and improved financial performance of the company itself – not by financial engineering. When we do use leverage, however, we first determine a company’s cash flow characteristics and the predictability of its operating results. We then rely on a conservative approach designed to support growth objectives.

Ownership Position

Since inception, approximately 75% of Olympus’ invested capital has been invested in control middle market leveraged buyouts where Olympus is the sole or leading investor – the remaining 25% represent growth capital financings.

Preferred Investment Size

Our preferred investment size ranges from $50 million for growth capital deals to $500 million or more for buyouts.

Use of Proceeds

We provide the capital which our portfolio companies need to:

  • Make strategic acquisitions
  • Expand into new locations
  • Develop new products
  • Build new sales channels
  • Invest in additional infrastructure
  • Provide liquidity for existing shareholders

Investment Strategy